Jean-Raphael Schneider, M. D.
Board-certified Neurologist

Jean-Raphael Schneider, M.D. Dr. Schneider joined Clinical Neurosciences of Tampa Bay in 2006. He has special interest in disorders affecting muscles and nerves in particular inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathies (e.g. Guillain-Barre Syndrome, CIDP) and myasthenia gravis. His second area of interest is interpreting Neuroimaging studies for the diagnosis and management of neurologic disease like Multiple Sclerosis.

His hobbies include following the Red Sox, running, swimming, tennis and keeping up with Dr. Arora as they train for sprint triathlons.


Medical School:University of Puerto Rico Medical School / San Juan, PR
Internship:UMASS Memorial Hospital / Worcester, MA
Residency:University of Massachusetts Medical Center / Worcester, MA
Fellowship:Neuroimaging - Dent Neurologic Institute / Buffalo, NY
Neurophysiology - Tuft University School of Medicine / Boston, MA


Special Interests

Neuromuscular Disorders, Neurophysiology, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroimaging, BOTOX® for treatment of dystonia, General Neurology

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